Upcoming Lecture: Human Microbiomes – Notes for Hosts- CANCELLED

Unfortunately due to Level 2 restrictions, this Lecture has been cancelled.

Professor Julian Crane (University of Otago)

Wednesday 19 August 2020, 6- 7pm

Lecture Theatre LBLT118 (Laby Lecture Theatre 118), Kelburn Campus, Victoria University of Wellington.

Professor Crane will give an overview of human microbiomes and present evidence of beneficial effects of probiotics from New Zealand studies showing effects on eczema, allergy, diabetes and mental health. Professor Crane’s lecture will include:

  1. An overview of the astonishing world of microbes
  2. An account of human microbiomes and why we have them
  3. A brief discussion of the ULTIMATE probiotic (not what you might think)
  4. Our current and ongoing studies of probiotics and their effects on allergic disease, diabetes and mental health (Yes – microbes might help the mind!!)


We look forward to seeing you there.