A Quick Look at the Jurassic World

David Lillis – 16 July 2020 e-mail: sigma@outlook.co.nz The Extent of the Jurassic The Jurassic Period spanned approximately 54.1 million years, beginning about 199.6 million years ago and ending about 145.5 million years ago. It followed straight after the Triassic Period, beginning with the… Read More

Upcoming Lecture: Human Microbiomes – Notes for Hosts- CANCELLED

Unfortunately due to Level 2 restrictions, this Lecture has been cancelled. Professor Julian Crane (University of Otago) Wednesday 19 August 2020, 6- 7pm Lecture Theatre LBLT118 (Laby Lecture Theatre 118), Kelburn Campus, Victoria University of Wellington. Professor Crane will give an overview of human microbiomes and present evidence of beneficial effects… Read More

A Quick Look at the Cenzoic World

The Cenozoic Era began at the end of the Cretaceous period. The well-known asteroid impact that marked the end of the Cretaceous is dated by the Berkeley Geochronology Center to about 66.043 ± 0.011 million years ago. Check out David Lillis’ new blog below: CENOZOIC_BLOG… Read More

A Quick Look at the Cretaceous World

The Extent of the Cretaceous The Cretaceous Period began about 144 million years ago and terminated with the well-known asteroid impact some 66 million years ago. Geologists subdivide it into 12 stages, each defined by particular rock formations, fossils and sediments at a specific locality called the type area. Several of… Read More