Public Lecture Cancelled: Human Microbiomes – Notes for Hosts

This public lecture is cancelled. However, we plan to record the lecture and post it here on the website at a later date. 

We are making arrangements with Professor Crane to record his lecture, and will hopefully have the recording posted here soon. Thank you all for your understanding.



Professor Crane’s talk will be an overview of human microbiomes and evidence of beneficial effects of probiotics from New Zealand studies. Beneficial effects on eczema, allergies, diabetes and mental health will be discussed.

Talk will include:

  1. An overview of the astonishing world of microbes
  2. What are human microbiomes and why do we have them?
  3. A brief discussion of the ULTIMATE probiotic (not what you might think)
  4. Our current and ongoing studies of probiotics and their effects on allergic disease, diabetes and mental health (yes – microbes might help the mind!!)