Hudson Lecture

2013 Hudson Lecture:

It’s a duck’s life: Responses and adaptations of New Zealand waterfowl to their changing environments

As inhabitants of aquatic islands in a terrestrial sea waterfowl are challenged by the spatial distribution and seasonal variability of their habitats. Mobility and broad feeding niches are conspicuous adaptations in response. Predators and competitors add additional challenges, especially so in the post-human times, and extensive demographic and community composition changes have occurred. I will provide an overview of historic and contemporary waterfowl ecology and comment on a range of present-day management and conservation challenges that are a consequence of intensified land use.

Dr Murray Williams is a recent retiree from a career as a waterfowl biologist with the New Zealand Wildllife Service and Department of Conservation. He established a postgraduate programme in restoration ecology at Victoria University and in return the Department of Biological Sciences allows him to linger as an Honorary Research Associate.

Annual Hudson Lecture

The Hudson Lecture is RSNZ Wellington Branch’s premier annual lecture. The Hudson Lecturer is awarded in recognition of the Lecturer’s achievements in Science or the promotion of Science and Technology.

It honours George Vernon Hudson (1867 – 1946) who was a distinguished amateur naturalist and scientist. An original Fellow of what is now the Royal Society of New Zealand, he was on its Council from 1923-46. Hudson was President of this branch (then the Wellington Philosophical Society) in 1900-01 and 1911-12. A formal obituary and photograph appear in the Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand 76, 264-266.

The 2013 Hudson Lecturer is currently under preparation.

The roll of Hudson Lectures is:

Hudson Lectures
2012 A/Prof Phil Lester, Biol. Sciences, Victoria University Of Wellington (VUW) Invasion of the Wasps: Predation Competition and Conservation Biology
2011 Dr Graeme Claridge Fifty Years of Soil Science in Antarctica
2010 Dr. Melanie Johnson-Hollit of Victoria University of Wellington. Exploring Astrophysics in the Radio Renaissance.
2009 Mr Bill Stephenson, GNS Science Earthquake waves: Those behind cried ‘Forward’
2008 Dr David Wratt, NIWA Climate Change: Science, Society, and Solutions.
2007 Prof Matt Visser, VUW Hubble, Hubble, toil and trouble: The expanding universe.
2006 Dr Hamish Campbell, GNS The Chatham Islands: An Emergent Submarine.
2005 Prof Paul Callaghan, VUW Surprising Connections – the diverse world of magnetic resonance.
2004 Prof Lloyd Geering How is Science Related to the Judeo-Christian Tradition.
2003 Dr Gregor W Yeates, Grasslands Nematodes: The Bane And Blessing Of Plant And Animal Populations.
2002 Prof Tony Taylor, VUW The Clinical Concept of Traumatic Stress.
2001 Dr. Richard H. Furneaux, IRL. Carbohydrate chemistry applied in New Zealand – a work in progress.
2000 Professor Peter Barrett, School of Earth Sciences, Victoria University Antarctic glacial history as a means of testing climate models.
1999 Dr. Geoff Page, C.E.O., Industrial Research. The Advanced Technology Solution.
1998 Dr Jeff Tallon FRSNZ, IRL High Temperature Superconductors – Daybreak on a Sunrise Technology?
1997 Dr Ian W. M. Brown, IRL Advanced Ceramics- Applications and Opportunities for New Zealand.
1996 Dr Max Kennedy, IRL Bringing the Past to Life – Reviving Micro-organisms from Ancient Materials.
1995 Prof John Lekner, Prof of Theoretical Physics VUW Molecules and Quanta with a Twist: Chirality in Nature.
1994 Dr Bill Robinson, Materials Engineering Laboratory, IRL Recent Research and Applications for Seismic Isolation.
1993 Dr Joan Wiffen, Amateur Geologist Discovering New Zealand Dinosaurs.
1992 Dennis Romain, Charge Cytogeneticist, Wellington Hospital Clinical Cytogenetics in the past three Decades.
1991 Dr Russell Robinson, DSIR Geology and Geophysics Chaos in Seismology.
1990 Dr John Andrews, Reader in Zoology – Academic Dean of Science VUW Capital Science: 150 years of science in Wellington.
1989 Mr Alan Gilmore, Mt John Observatory Interrelations of Comets and Asteroids.
1988 Dr G. W. Gibbs G. V. Hudson – Pioneer Naturalist.
1987 Dr. J. F. Harper Continental Drift, Oceanic Plates, and the World’s Largest Heat Engine.
1986 Dr F. B. Shorland Is Our Knowledge of Human Nutrition Soundly Based?
1985 Dr Beverley Bell Science Education Research in New Zealand.
1984 Prof D. E. Fisher Science and Law – An Unbridgeable Gap?
1983 Dr N. P. Kristensen The Ascent of Moths – Some Aspects of the Evolution of the Lower Lepidoptera.
1982 Dr C Stubbs Our Aging Society.
1981 Dr R. H. Thornton Would Thomas Cawthron Approve?
1980 Dr J. M. Hoy The Past, and Future Prospects for Entomology.
1979 Dr R. L. Bieleski Back to Basics: A Look at the three R’s of Science.
1978 Prof. R. Bates Aspects of Imaging.
1977 Prof. R. Green Polynesian Ancestors.
1976 Dr R. K. Dell The Marine Fauna of Antarctica – Composition and Relationship.
1975 Prof. G. P. Barton Law and the Environment.
1974 Mr N. J. Rumsey Astronomy in New Zealand.
1973 Prof. H. W. Wellman Sea-floor Spreading and the Changing Shape of New Zealand.
1972 Prof. A. M. O. Veale Genetic Councelling.
1971 Dr T. A. Rafter Sulphur Isotope Geochemistry, the Evolution of a Scientific Discipline.
1970 Dr. W. M. Hamilton New Zealand Agriculture in a Changing World.
1969 Dr. E. G. Bollard Progress in our Understanding of Plant Science.
1968 Prof. L. Kay Influence of Electronics on Society.
1967 Mr B. G. Barratt-Boyes Cardiac Surgery, Past, Present and Future.
1966 Prof. N. F. Barber Is There Only One Element?
1965 Mr R. W. Willet A Hundred Years of Geology in New Zealand.
1964 Prof. E. Beaglehole The Third Culture in New Zealand: Human Nature and Conduct.
1963 Mr N. H. Taylor The Nature of Soil.
1962 Prof. H. B. Fell Cuthbert’s Beads and Thunderstones: Sidelights in the Search for Living Fossils.
1961 Prof. Sir Alister Hardy Some Developments in Plankton Research.
1960 Sir Lawrence Bragg Biological Molecules.
1959 Dr C. D. Ellyett The Past and Future Role of the University in Research in New Zealand.
1958 Dr C. A. Fleming Darwin and New Zealand: Some examples, Influences and Developments.
1957 Dr R. E. Matthews Contributions to Biology from Studies on Viruses.
1956 Dr R. S. Duff Moa Hunters, Maoris and Morioris.
1955 Dr R. A. Falla Antarctic Adventure and Research.
1954 Prof. C. A. Cotton The New Zealand Cretaceo-Tertiary Era.
1953 Dr C. P. McMeekan The Utilization of Grassland: A New Zealand Philosophy.
1952 Prof. F. G. Soper Advances in Chemistry.
1951 Dr H. H. Allan Botany in the Service of the State.
1950 Prof. Sir Charles Hercus New Zealand and Medical Research.
1949 Dr Gilbert Archey The Place of Science.