The aim of the Royal Society of New Zealand Wellington Branch  is to publicise science and technology and provide interesting and topical talks for our members and the public.

All our talks are free and the public are invited to attend.

We provide:

  1. Several public lectures each year.
  2. Two series of monthly presentation and discussion sessions in Café Scientifique style, one series in Lower Hutt and the other in Wellington.
  3. Assistance with the NIWA Wellington Science & Technology Fair which includes a RSNZ Wellington Branch Special Prize.
  4. This website, in which we detail our activities and the upcoming public lectures and café sessions we are involved with.
  5. A monthly newsletter promoting events relating to or organized by the Branch, for which details are available at the time of printing.
  6. When financially able, we support travel scholarships for local postgraduate students to aid them to attend local or international conferences