Postgraduate scholarships- Applications open!

Do you need funds to support your research? The Wellington Branch of the Royal Society Te Apārangi is offering $500 scholarships to support postgraduate student research and researchers in Wellington. There is no restriction on how the funds may be spent, other than they support the student’s postgraduate work. Scholarships… Read More

A Quick Look at the Cretaceous World

The Extent of the Cretaceous The Cretaceous Period began about 144 million years ago and terminated with the well-known asteroid impact some 66 million years ago. Geologists subdivide it into 12 stages, each defined by particular rock formations, fossils and sediments at a specific locality called the type area. Several of… Read More

Public Lecture Cancelled: Human Microbiomes – Notes for Hosts

This public lecture is cancelled. However, we plan to record the lecture and post it here on the website at a later date.  We are making arrangements with Professor Crane to record his lecture, and will hopefully have the recording posted here soon. Thank you all for your understanding.   Abstract… Read More