Why was the HMS Endeavour ever here?

It’s rather sad that in all of the misinformation and fake news in New Zealand around the arrival of James Cook to “discover and colonise” New Zealand, there has been a rather stunning silence about the achievements of the expedition from the Scientific community.   Figure 1 Captain Cook,… Read More

Annual Report of the Wellington Branch of the Royal Society

The Annual General Meeting of the Wellington Branch of the Royal Society will be on the 9th October, at the Thistle Inn, Thorndon, upstairs from  6.00-7.30pm. Attached is the RSNZ Well Annual report 2019. There will be a talk Dr. Nicole Stanton after the AGM followed by a dinner… Read More

Is Cotton Rotten? Congratulations Blake Shepherd!

Blake’s brilliant project recently won the Royal Society of Wellington branch prize at the NIWA Science Fair. His project was titled “Is Cotton Rotten?” and investigated aspects such as absorbency, ability to retain heat, water resistance, and bacterial growth in different types of fabric for tramping clothing. He found that… Read More